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When we talk about a certain company and the quality it is delivering, we mean not only the company structure, history and experience, but first of all its people which make up the company as a whole.

Planning a new IT project you would undoubtedly chose to collaborate with a great team of software developers. However, a non-technical person may hesitate in how to choose the best development team.

Remember that technical skillset is not enough for making a decision. To deliver the best results the developers should possess qualities that make them productive. We have made a list of top 8 qualities we pay attention to while hiring developers, and which help CodeRiders in delivering success and excellence.


A great software developer solves issues based only on real facts, hence making data-driven decisions. Software development involves a lot of data, analysis and calculations. To leverage right software programming lead developers choose the project management and planning tools based on data.

Another reason why data-driven approach is necessary for developers is that the need is rising for software applications that use consumer data from various sources to provide more contextualized and personalized experiences.


In software development successful delivery can be made only by a strong team work, not individually. Lone wolves have no place in development teams, instead you have better praise persons who are willing to accept assistance from others, and always ready to help other developers get better at what they do.

Software development is a collective effort. Being a team player effectively reduces work stress. Creating a great software product means communicating with all of the team members: other developers, QAs, PMs, sales, marketing, customers etc.

If other team members are criticizing the developer constructively, he/she should not bring their egos to work but instead be OK with other people pointing out and correcting the errors. The code might have bugs that the developer may only find out about after shipping the product, while the team may notice it quite earlier


An average developer knows how to code with the right technology or language, while a great developer understands the problems clearly, breaks them down into hypotheses and proposes solutions in a coherent manner before starting to code. They understand the concept quickly, ask structural questions to get deep into it, so they don’t need to have everything written down in a specifications document.

Besides, when working with software development outsourcing method, communicating in multiple languages, and especially excellent English, is a must.


Software development industry is extremely dynamic. If the developer knows a certain set of skills, in a very quick while they may become old fashioned and unusable because of the rise of new technologies. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow the new trends in the industry and gain new skills, technologies, languages and tools accordingly.

Making up a team of flexible and quick-learner developers who can cope with the complexity and fickleness of the software development process will save you a lot of time and money.


The idiom that software development is just a mere line of boring code has nothing to do with reality. In fact, some people argue that software development is an art and it cannot be successfully worked out without a creative mind. This is how we think at CodeRiders while choosing our brilliant minds as members of our development team. The reason is that we aim to deliver something that has not been built before and that is outstanding to outshine competitors.

To create a software solution that has never been created before requires a team of developers who think out of box. A creative developer will help your business be unique and stand out.


Developers who pay attention to detail tend to write a higher-quality code. Building a solution is not about writing lines of codes, but it’s also about exercising the ability to think through corner cases. A super developer will write codes that will handle various use cases and allow for a much easier development process.

No matter how automated the processes may be. If your product has bugs it’s not the computer’s fault but yours. Detail-oriented developers can catch mistakes in their own code.


Having work ethics and showing up at work or on meetings on time is highly important for superb developers. This shows their attitude towards their work. Having the ability of time and task management is also necessary for meeting the deadlines and delivering solutions on time. This is an ability not everyone is skilled at, however it may be worked out very easily and quickly.


If developers love what they do they will do it in the best possible way. Being passionate about the job is one of the top priorities for a great developer. No matter that nowadays this word is overused and sometimes it appears as a hollow adjective, being passionately addicted to your work is more than necessary to succeed in it.


Some would argue that first of all expertise is important. In our mind sometimes expertise is overrated. At least it shouldn’t be the single factor you use to choose a technical talent. Someone with a quick learning ability, creative mind and great attitude might provide more efficient solutions which will bring huge value to the business.

Plan cooperation with a software development team which is not only knowledgeable and skilled but also values your goals and aims at your business success. Good software developers work to ensure your services are effective for your target audiences. They are experts both in codes, programs, and in embracing the power of technology to grow your business.

Devote time to selecting a suitable service provider to build your solution. Finding the right software development team is a process. If you rush you will end up wasting your time, money and effort. At VB TECHNO SOLUTIONS, we build software development teams based on the above-enumerated qualifications. We value our people and we invest in every one of them to become the desired team member. No wonder why we have been included in the list of Top Custom Software Development Companies. Explore more of our team and its success.

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